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Be An Everyday Environmental HeroAdopt-A-Stream, sponsored by the City and County of Honolulu Department of Environmental Services Storm Water Quality Branch, is a simple step that residents can take to help improve the quality of streams and be everyday environmental heros.  The program is a “hands-on” way for residents and local businesses to make a commitment to keepour city clean and improve the quality and condition of Oahu’s communities by keeping pollutants off of City roads and connected waterbodies.  It also provides an opportunity for committed community groups to look out for the watershed and provide a positive connection to government and the community whereby residents become engaged in small work projects to stencil storm drains with the message, “Dump No Waste, Protect Our Waters … For Life,” remove litter and distribute educational materials.  Some stream teams also plant and get involved in water sampling.

Whether you have a stream running through your backyard, business, local school or park, protecting it is a good idea.  Many property owners upstream may not realize that what they do on their land impacts other residents and water quality downstream.  Every day pollutants such as trash, yard waste (e.g., grass clippings, leaves, prunings, or fruits), paint, construction debris (e.g., stockpiles of soil, sand, or gravel), used motor oil, fertilizers and pesticides, and dog waste reach our urban streams.  Trash on stream banks are unsightly and unsanitary for humans and wildlife.  Even organic materials such as yard waste are unacceptable to dump along streams banks.  When these materials get into the stream cycle, they decompose and eliminate critical, life-giving oxygen from the water.  As a result, streams become unsightly and emit foul odors. 

As a member of an Adopt-A-Stream team, you are a steward for a designated stretch of stream under the City’s jurisdiction.  Current volunteers in the program include school organizations, businesses, civic organizations, and scouts.  The University of Hawaii at Manoa Law Society has been with the program for over 10 years and Malama O Manoa nearly 10.

If you are ready and committed, call 768-3300 or complete our online contact form.  Please specify if you have a particular stream section in mind and total number of volunteers.  After a stream section has been confirm, you will receive an Adopt-A-Stream agreement, a field data report and participant forms.  Prior to each scheduled stream cleanup, volunteers are asked to arrange the pick up of supplies.  The Adopt-A-Stream program asks that volunteers commit to a minimum of four cleanups per year for 2 years.  Volunteers are also asked to assist in locating and reporting illegal discharges to our storm drain system.  One of the best ways to find problems is to get out clean a stream!

For Adopt-A-Stream/Adopt-A-Block forms, visit our forms page.