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Industry Specific

As a business in the State of Hawaii, you can reduce storm water pollution in work activities. Click the links for the following categories for information and tips to keep our state beautiful:

The City’s main priorities are educating industries on pollution prevention, advising them on practical, cost-effective solutions and regulating to ensure compliance.

In accordance with the City’s NPDES permit, the City regularly inspects commercial and industrial facilities. In addition, if a complaint is filed or there is a community concern, the City must inspect the site and take corrective action. Any business found discharging pollution or wastewater into the storm drain system may be issued a citation and may be subject to fines of up to $25,000.


Click here to GET INVOLVED to reduce the pollution in your community!  Volunteer at a cleanup event, mark storm drains, help give out information about pollution prevention, or just have fun at a community event!